Rigging and Automation

Rigging Team has an enviable wealth of knowledge and experience in providing rigging solutions to all areas of the entertainment and events industries. 

Our riggers are friendly, helpful and highly accomplished within their field. Rigging Team are here to work with you throughout your project to help ensure that your event, not just the rigging, is a success on every level. 
We are able to cater to the needs of any rigging assignment, regardless of scale, complexity or production type. We are happy to assist with any aspect of your rigging requirement, from provision of a single rigger to design and consultation or a full service including all labour, equipment and logistics. 
For productions incorporating elaborate dynamic elements, such as moving lighting trusses, tracking video screens or even flown stages, Rigging Team offer the perfect solution, complete with experienced technicians and operators. 
Our crews are well versed in the installation and operation of automation systems from many of the industry’s leading brands. 
Rigging Team carry a substantial stock of load monitoring equipment from both Broadweigh and Kinesys, giving rigging professionals a clear understanding of what is happening on their rig at all times.